Oooh new people.

Guess what? Where there is a huge jump in hits without a direct link to snottiness… it isn’t scary.

Ahhh today is a great day. Hopefully I yelled at the contractors enough yesterday to last all week.

Friday I fly to Portland. Sunday I fly home. I’m going alone. I’m looking forward to more than 48 hours of not being responsible for anyone or anything. I mean I’ll have to show up at a birthday party and I’ll be spending time with friends… but if I’m lazy that’s fine. In fact I suspect that if I’m lazy it will make people kinda happy. (Ok, blacksheep will want me to do some exercise but mostly because she can’t sit still to talk so we’ll have to be in motion. I can live with that.) Luckily Dad is lazier than fuck. Once I get around him I can assume a couch lock position and he’ll think it’s great. Ha.

I’m feeling weird about one thing that folks-who-don’t-know-me-on-the-internet conflate.

My Dad was never my Master. I have never been his slave. We are both in the bdsm community, yes. We fucked once (it was awful and gross and never again) and we’ve played a few times because he is very good with canes and single tails and he put needles in me once just to break my cherry. But we haven’t played together other than as a class demo (I’m unusually verbal) in more than ten years. Our closeness at this point is not about our bdsm relationship and we don’t know that we’ll ever play again.

I know I shouldn’t care about strangers getting that detail straight. My Owner was a very different person. My Owner was unmarried and had never had children. My Dad has children almost my age. His oldest is a year younger than me. His bio-children don’t appreciate my presence in his life but… they don’t have to run into me other than weddings and funerals so I can live with that. And I’ve been at both for 15 years.

I suspect it might have been healthier for me to find an adoptive father who didn’t want to beat or fuck me… but baby steps, ok? Maybe what I need isn’t what you need. I can live with that. I don’t need you to be like me for me to be validated in my choices.

My life is unusual. What is right for me is probably not right for you. Don’t emulate me. But consider me, perhaps. As an idea of “Wow. I guess people really do need to be different.

I needed to have a relationship with a Dad where I had the right to set the boundaries on our sex and beatings. I needed to be able to put up more and more boundaries until it wasn’t happening at all and have the experience of someone choosing to stay with me.

I’m glad you don’t need that. I genuinely am.

You don’t know what it meant to me that I was taken to the hospital at 19 by my Dad and it was the first time in my life someone was fucking nice to me when I was sick. Before that I always got in trouble. I was lying. I was malingering. I was just asking for attention.

Yes, I did ask for attention. I was a child and I was sick. I needed attention. But it came in the form of diatribes about how I better not be lying this time or I would get it.

I work with all my might to believe the things my children tell me about their bodies. You feel sick? Ok.

I mean… ok I’m sure at some point my mom wasn’t nasty when I was sick. Taking me to the hospital was always an ordeal. My mom screamed at me the whole way to the hospital for getting a cast re-set because I said I didn’t feel well. Then I puked on the floor.

I’m bad for saying I’m sick because I’m not really sick and I’m bad for not being adamant enough when I’m really sick because I inconvenience people.

Going to the various doctor offices so often lately is… creepy. But I feel like I’m getting good help right now. Things are changing in my body. I’m making a lot of progress on injury sites. I’m feeling stronger. I came back from the trip really beat up and done. Maybe I’ll be over the trip by the cruise but really… I’m looking forward to that week of sitting on my ass watching my kids play in the pool. I’ll be fed whenever I even think about wanting it. I won’t clean a god damn thing.

I don’t rest in hotels. I hate having maids come in so I clean the whole time like normal. Cause I’m neurotic.

But on a cruise ship? Ahhhhhhhhhhhh. That’s how you know life is good.

Ok. Breakfast.

9 thoughts on “Oooh new people.

  1. Michelle

    For what it’s worth, I feel like I totally get your relationship with your Dad, despite my own history being obviously quite different from yours. For one, I’ve met him, though we weren’t close. But for me…my relationships with men are always fraught because there’s only one, maybe two of my male friends that haven’t hit on me at some point, and the vast majority of them get angry and disappear if I turn them down. When someone responds positively to boundaries it fills me with so much joy.

    I am worried about you going to Portland right now. There is some stuff going on in the scene there this last week that has me triggered and sad and disappointed in several people.

      1. Michelle

        I’d love to call but Jonno is sleeping next to me.

        I can summarize and say that there is someone who is well known online in the Portland area (I had never heard of him before though) who is being accused of some stuff. I am not clear on the facts (meaning I am not sure what he is being accused of, and I can’t seem to read fast enough to keep up with it) , but it is affecting probably at least two people you know. Your Dad has been commenting on some of the threads and from what I gather knows more than I do.

        1. Michelle

          I should add that if you want to talk on the phone, I should be done with doc appointments by around 3 pm today and free until 7. My sleep schedule is backwards again, though, I’ve been needing 12 hours of sleep most of this week with random annoying naps.

          1. Krissy Gibbs Post author

            That’s fine. I have a class tonight from 8-9. Otherwise I can talk when you are available. 🙂 I’m interested in hearing what is going on and I’m sure Dad and I will talk about it.

  2. blacksheep

    “Ok, blacksheep will want me to do some exercise but mostly because she can’t sit still to talk so we’ll have to be in motion. I can live with that.”

    I can’t sit still to talk? I didn’t know that. Huh. I mean…yeah, I was going to ask if you were interested in this night light walk thing…but I mean, I can sit still, really I can. I’ve done it! I sat quite still and chatted for hours in Oahu… 😉

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