My morning letter to my contractor. Cheers.

Dear (redacted),

The roof was not constructed correctly. My front walkway is flooding. I suspected that would happen after I talked to the roofer yesterday. I spent a while on the roof looking at what was done. The roof was constructed inappropriately. The roofer told me in great detail how the job was done inappropriately before he arrived and he gave me a specific long list of ways he tried to salvage the job.
May I mention that the roofer wasn’t sure of the name of the person from your company who hired him and he hasn’t worked for you for a week?
I hired your company *because* you told me you only worked with in house people you trusted. I no longer have any confidence in your word.
Today I will be calling the city inspector, the family lawyer and several friends who work in construction for advice. I will be asking them to come over and help me compile a detailed list of how this construction has been subpar.
For $100,000 I am not going to accept a subpar job. That is not ok. I picked the more expensive company because I wanted the job done right. I do not feel that has happened so far and it is time for me to take careful stock of what has happened so far so that I can figure out what my next step needs to be.
Kristine Gibbs

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