And this.

My cat is also almost 18 years old and showing some signs of aging being no fun. That’s freaking me out. I’ve been freaked out for about 3 years now because I’ve had this kettle of doom over my head “She’s gonna die soon” and her vet wants me to do exploratory invasive procedures cause she might have kitty IBS and that’s why she pukes sometimes? Uhm… I don’t think that’s a good idea. But he’s calling me to lecture me about why I should really go look. “Almost no one does this but you really should because it’s an option.”

I really should torture my cat with exploratory procedures just because I might get the lucky news that I should be injecting her weekly until she dies?

She’d hate both you and me for that. I’m not sure I should do that just because it is an option.

I’m being an over sensitive whiny baby to “Have you tried therapy” this week. Nope. Never thought to try therapy. Therapy is a waste of time. Totes.

Too bad I didn’t meet you when I was three so I could have started therapy in time to prevent many of my problems.

Oh wait.

Never mind.

“Oh it’s just insecurity. Go to therapy.”

If wishing made it so.

You don’t want to start nothing online. Then I’m confused by most of your stream. You usually look like you want to start something. But you want to start something where someone else is wrong, not you.

I understand.

I feel the same way.

It really and truly isn’t just men who create problematic culture for women. I really wish the conversation wasn’t always phrased as men–the enemy. I get as much casual push back on being broken from women, really more.

I know she didn’t mean anything. No one ever means anything. She’s just like the 10,567 person to tell me to go to therapy.

I’m kinda touchy.

It’s been a bad month.

I called it already. 2016 is going to be a bad year. I said it in January. This year will suck balls emotionally.

Growth is a motherfucker. I’m kinda tired of it. I’m ready to calcify.

I’m trying to stop crying.

And I’m supposed to start bleeding any day now.

My body is so unhappy. I got 2.5 hours of sleep tonight. I feel wired for sound yet so weary I can barely breathe. I’ll ry again soon. Now that I’m more medicated.

I hurt.