hella weird.

Do you know what is hella weird? Asking for permission to write about people you hope to fuck. Then writing about them. Then going around and checking in, “Ok, did I step on any toes?”

It is… hilarious and totally worth the feelings of awkwardness. Know why? I have better sex partially because the people who want to fuck me are willing to do a lot of homework. I communicate a lot of things in writing I have trouble getting around to saying. Also: when I’m talking to myself I’ll admit things I won’t say right to a person. Because I’m kind of a passive aggressive douche. Yeah, I know.

Professor, you reacted with surprise when I said I’d been considering this for a while. I actually thought about it before your last relationship ended. Things seemed really rocky for you so I decided it really wasn’t worth bringing up with Noah.

There. I said it.

I don’t know what makes the damn break when it does. All I know is that when it does there is so much pent up it is a deluge.