Also… for honesty…

I went to a munch last Thursday. Apparently since then two new negotiations have appeared on Fetlife. Ahem.

I’m trying to be honest about tracking this. More people I’ve known forever. One I’ve known explicitly since I barely turned 19. I met him in my first three months in the scene. We’ve never played even a little. The other person I’ve known slightly less time, like 14ish years and we’ve done flirting light play.

I will probably go over to both of their houses at some point.

Just being honest. And excited.

Noah says that the farther he lets me run, the more I’ll let him do. Also: I’m clearly so pent up I’m about to explode like a bomb. He’s not wrong.

I’m making people say no all over the place. Shit. What am I doing?

Having fun.