Continuing evolution

“Not in front of the kids” continues to change in meaning. Today at breakfast I noticed how much Noah and I were…barely avoiding key words. It started feeling really dishonest. So I had Noah sit down again and I said, “I think we need to have a talk. I should have talked to Noah about this in private first but… we need to just do this.”

We told the kids that we are dating. We are not splitting up. We are not leaving our life. We have no desire to change anything about how we interact with the kids. We are just going to be going out a little more often in the evenings with friends.

Eldest Child said, “I am fine with that. Go date to your heart’s content.”

Holy shit. My life.

Eldest Child said she is upset that we didn’t tell her immediately. It bothers her that we were dishonest for over a month but she can deal with this going forward. As long as we stop lying.

Yeah, that’s fair.

6 thoughts on “Continuing evolution

  1. Your submissive

    Eldest Child sounds like she is being raised to have a good sense of values and good character.
    I think you’re a good mom and that you can be proud of the job you’re doing.

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