Sleep. That’s the ticket.

In the past 49 hours I’ve slept 11 hours. I also wrote a four page whiny screed today about my¬†feeeeeeeelings. I’m not posting it. I’m tired.

Thanks to the folks who were patient with me today. I uhhh will be over this soon. I’m sorry. I… should have just not talked at all on a day when I got this little sleep.

I am medicating and going to bed. That seems wise. Tomorrow will be another day fresh with patience.

2 thoughts on “Sleep. That’s the ticket.

  1. Mark J

    I began following you on twiiter after you made some remarks that make think deep and chuckle. Today I read several of your posts for the first time and find myself mezmorized by your stream of coscioussness and your need to better understand boundaries in a way that makes sense.
    I read one particular piece about anticipating a mind fuck and agree with you that it is the ultimate power grab and takes eroticism to an almost unimagineable level. I hope you choose to discuss this more because just thinking about spinning a mind, creating a reaction that would have been abherrent, jousting with the neural synapses of a sub is where the chaotic ever moving pleasure zone in my own head is fed.
    And as your last words indicate “patience” is a huge component. Sometimes asking questions is viewed as cheating. But I think you expounded on that. That is not to say a puzzle is going to put itself together but rather I regard the lady who does the NY Times crossword in pen differently than the lady with a pencil. Neither is inherently better or worse but the first exhudes more confidence and I can mistake that for competence. There is also a fine line betwee anticipation and patient. I can patiently wait before delivering my next blow but all the while I am anticipating the sharp inhalation of breath once my hand meets its target.

    You are a fascinating lady and I enjoyed learning about your views and conundrums.

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