Body update

I haven’t been subjecting you poor people to hearing about my bowels lately. Blacksheep asked so I’ll catch you up.

I seem to have mostly cleared out the parasites. According to the woo doctor. She tests this with frequency shit so uhhh yeah.

She says she’s impressed with how well my gall bladder cleared out. She says usually folks spend six months or more doing that. I said, “Yeah I ain’t doing that.” She looked at the screen and said, “Yeah there would be no reason to.”

At this point there are still things she wants to work on and there is still a bunch of pills to go. But not in a big rush and not like before. I’m not doing tons. I can take it slow.

Ok, to be graphic about the poop now… it’s… shockingly normal. 

I poop two or three times a day. I think I still tend towards looseness the day or three around the start of my period. They are solid enough that I feel weird about it. My abdomen is frequently kind of uncomfortable because it isn’t sure how it feels about all this solid stuff hanging around so long.

I would say my energy has doubled or tripled compared to where it was when I came back from the road trip. I’m sleeping better (thank you Lorazepam) and I’m getting more energy from folks in my life (thanks folks).

My body is feeling… all over the map in terms of pain. Typing, tile, intermittent exercise with intermittent stretching is…

I need to get more systematized around this.

I know.

Ugh finish remodel. Ugh.

But if you spend your whole life waiting to get started on the most important supportive pieces?


I hope Noah gets this job. That would make a whole bunch of things easier and more fun. *cross fingers*

If I could stop reaching out to my friends on the internet my body would improve. Whatevs.

You pay the piper for the life you choose. That’s just how it goes.

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  1. blacksheep

    “Period Poop” is a thing. Normal variation you’re experiencing. Congratulations!

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