Tired but satisfied.

I think I finished the facing wall for the shower. Now I can concentrate on the tree for a bit. My hands huuuuuuuuuuurt. I made a waterfall!

Today I need to call my lawyer and talk about what to do with the remodeling company. Ugh. Decision time. I have at least two months of work left once they start. We may not have a spring party. Ugh.

What I wouldn’t give for an hour a day of massage.

Noah has a spiffy date coming up! Woo! I hope they both have fun. Yay.

I feel a little bad being like, “Oh you want to go on a date with her? Well of course you do she is hotter than the sun” because then I feel like I’m objectifying her. And that’s not nice. But she is that hot. Is it objectifying to notice? I mean, we also like her because of her personality. She is in our lives because of her personality. But we notice the hotness too. Is that wrong?

Hot hot hot hot hot.

Today I have a therapy phone call, tile, and Bonus Kids. I can do it.

Maybe… a nap. I stayed up too late finishing a wall. But it’s done and I can work on tree.

This tree is going to be the center piece of the bathroom. It’s huge and fucking intense. It is tall and wide and all the colors and shiny and pretty and…

Oh I love this tree. And there will be a golden vine growing up the side. And a sapling nearby and water in the background and…

When did I become this?

Thank you Noah.