Incandescently angry.

Ok, I left the party buzzing. I felt great. I felt higher than a kite. I had a fantastic scene with Cupid.

Then on the drive home Noah told me about a conversation he had with the partner of someone he wants to play with. I wasn’t standing there and I’m paraphrasing what Noah told me but the phrase “break your legs” came up with the idea that “you better not hurt my woman”.

I am so angry I feel like the top of my head is going to come off. That’s not ok. That is toxic masculinity bullshit and I feel absolutely consumed with contempt for the person who said this.

I am… so angry I really shouldn’t say any more. Because I could write about 8,000 words about how fucking pissed I am and that might cause problems with his partner. Which would make this problem all my fault, right?

I am so fucking pissed.

To be clear, the scene with Cupid was top notch. We are getting better at playing with each other every time we do. This is working for me. This was the third time we’ve played. It’s getting better and better.

But I’m still pissed. I’m so pissed off that my buzz got wrecked. God fucking damnit.

It’s not ok to threaten people like that. Are we children?