A small point.

Noah says that I’m lying about something and he’s right. I bitch about not getting off at all with monogamy… but that had already changed when I got back from the road trip. Things were doing lots better.

It’s bullshit that I want to fuck around just because I can’t get off. I do get off with Noah. Not every single time without fail. But there are times when he gets me off and off and off and off.

I shouldn’t make it sound like he doesn’t at all. There were a few years in the breeding period that sucked but I need to not hold that against him. It wasn’t about him. It was about my body. And it’s over.

Don’t be an asshole to Noah about that anymore. Let it go. That’s not ok to hold on to.

Be more honest, Krissy. Don’t conflate old problems and new problems. That’s not nice. That doesn’t help things get better.