Also: art

We were going to be an hour early to the party so we stopped at a nursery. I thought I’d be clever and I left my wallet in the car. Guess what? Noah had his wallet.

We bought art. Three pieces. Apparently they come from an artist in Mexico. They are in the back yard because I don’t want them to get stolen. Giant brightly colored metal flowers. One with a birdhouse.

I’m serious with this Wonderland business. I love my house so much. And I love my yard even more. This summer’s plantings are doing kinda mixed. Some plants are happy. Some are pissed off. I should write down notes.

I’m learning a lot.

What I like about South American literature is the heavy focus on magical realism. Things can be true and not true. Hasn’t literature taught us that magical lives are often shitty? The most intense, fantastic adventures are also horrible, awful, and terrifying.

Sounds like life to me. So while we can: let’s bring more art into our lives.