Like this, that would be ok.

Right this minute I feel excited with dashes of giddy and elated. Where to even begin?

Friday was Noah’s birthday. Lots of play and sex was had. It was lovely. We had more intense talking. What is a date anyway? It was lovely. I felt seen. I felt important. I was nice to Noah. We had a good time. I’m really glad I get to spend all of these years with Noah.

Yes, sometimes I complain about play and sex stuff. When I’m complaining the stuff I’m complaining about feels SO IMPORTANT and it is… but it isn’t the biggest chunk of our relationship. Those complaints are small pieces of a very big picture. They are important and they need to be addressed… but we don’t need to act like our relationship is mostly bad. It isn’t. It just isn’t perfect because nothing is.

He’s about as perfect for me as I’m going to find.

Saturday morning we did some chores and snuggled and had more sex (because we are us). I sorta wonder how much the jump start in my libido is about the kid-free time as much as the nonmonogamy. We’ve had sex a dozen times in the past five days. That’s not including my extra sex.

It was a nice day. It was mellow and lovely. Then we started transitioning towards what we would need for the afternoon and evening. Deity came over at 2 for our first group date. Then the three of us went up to San Francisco so I could play with the nice person I bought at the auction a little while ago.

Ok…. group date: A++++++++ Would do again. Please. Soon. Holy. Shit. For. Shoe. Shine. That was awesome. Next time I won’t intersperse it with a play date with someone else (not complaining!) but logistically it gets crowded.

God it was fun. Fun. Fun. Even though I started bleeding just a few hours into this group date. (After the first round of sex.) No one cared. We have towels.

Oh how I love my life.

I feel so relaxed. So happy. Blissful. I feel like there is joy and happiness in the world.

Sex is the best drug ever.

Yes. More of that. Please. Please. Please. Oh that was wonderful.

It was charming figuring out how to do things at the same time and how to share and where to be and… I felt enchanted by how sweetly courteous and deferential the boys were. “Oh would you like to go next?” I giggled and blushed and it was all delightful and so much fun. Love love love love love love love love love.

I may stop giggling next year.

After the first round of glorious sex and showers we went to dinner and had meat and more meat and more meat and it was glorious. Then we stopped at Wicked Grounds for a milkshake (my purchased date was going to be a bit late) and talked.

Have I mentioned how much fun it is to talk to these two? Of course a lot of the time I just listen because they share interests I don’t share. But I like hearing their voices. It feels comforting. I feel welcomed even if I don’t feel included if that makes sense. I’m not going to be included in some of the geek shit. I’m just not. But I’m welcome anyway. I’ve been a girlfriend/groupie all my life. I appreciate the feeling of welcome.

To prepare for my hot date with the Sweet Boy I bought at auction I looked at his profile. He listed that he was curious about bondage and suspension. I felt a distinct metaphorical schwing when I saw that. My submissive isn’t big on being tied up. And I’m really not big on doing things to people when they don’t enjoy it. I’m not that kind of dominant/sadist.

I can’t really remember suspending someone since Portland Boy at Kinkfest in 2006. The weekend before Noah asked me to marry him. I know I have suspended myself since then….  No! I did a performance with Lee at a New York conference when I was engaged. So, also in 2006 I did another suspension.

I both feel like I must be forgetting something and I feel like I’m not…

Anyhow. I was looking forward to playing with Sweet Boy. He told me he wanted to feel used and he was… fairly expansive in how he wanted to feel used. Expansive in that “I’ve been in the scene since March so I don’t yet have preferences carved in granite” sort of way. Other than three-to-five minute demos at Leather Alley events I haven’t played with someone this new… oh in over twelve years?

I was a little nervous. I am afraid of newbies. I’m afraid I will hurt them. I’m afraid I will cross their boundaries. I’m afraid they don’t know where their boundaries are so they can’t defend them even if they want to. I’m afraid of being the monster that breaks them. Newbies are hard.

But this Sweet Boy flirted with me during the groping preview. Just a little. In a demure, non-pressuring sort of way. He looked so young that I had to ask him how old he was. There is discrepancy in what he said that night and in what his profile says, but in any case he’s over thirty. Ok…. that’s… young but I can cope. He is younger than me.

Honestly that is part of what made me think of Portland Boy. One of the only other times I’ve ever played with someone younger than myself. And Portland Boy is a lot taller/bigger than me so I had to learn some logistical stuff with him.

I think of these things! I think of how to generalize information from previously stored models. It isn’t that people are the same. It is, “Ok most of my experience tying people up is on women or men who are my height/weight. It is different with men who are taller/possibly heavier and what do I need to do to strategize that?” I don’t have that much of that kind of experience and it is important to me for me to consciously go through the lessons I have learned before I try another experience.

I don’t want to fuck up in the same way twice.

But beyond the most basic of weight distribution considerations nothing about the scenes were very similar. Sweet Boy is not a SAM. (Smart Assed Masochist for those of you who are not in my acronym-land.)

Sweet Boy may be one of the sweetest, most accepting, melting people I’ve topped. I was surprised to find that in a casual scene. The simple ardor, the surprised expressions of delight, the subtle changes in facial expression and body language…

It was like listening to an enormously complicated symphony while eating a rich and varied meal and drinking a glass of complex full bodied wine at the same time.

An absolute bombardment of the senses.

Topping is so awesome.

Especially for me it was very non-sexual. I stayed fully dressed, he kept his underwear on. There was no genital contact. Barely any kissing and that was mostly of the kissing his shoulder variety. There was no tongue or anything like that.

It didn’t need it. It was sweet by itself. It was gentle and careful and here is how to have safe experiences with boundaries. I didn’t want to take more than was good for him. I don’t know him. I have no idea what would be good to take from him. So I need to default to a very conservative guess.

It was charming that he protested coming down from the suspension because we just got started after more than an hour. It was almost an hour and a half and he was getting wobbly. “I’m not wobbling! I’m just… moving…”

Oh Sweet Boy. I have no idea how you handle having your blood pressure drop. Let’s take care of you. Even if you would rather keep being used. It is more important to make sure that you can take care of you later. You are bigger than me. I am going to be cautious as we learn because hurting you would be a terrible thing.

Well, I mean really hurting you. Beating your feet with canes isn’t hurting you. Punching you until you groan and turn red… that’s not hurting you. You seemed to have a lovely time. The laughter encouraged me on. My laughter and your laughter, really. Even when I was the only one laughing it just made me want to hit harder. The glee.

I get to do this…. I get to do this….


It was a fantastic experience. After I took him down from the partial suspension (I left a foot on the ground almost the entire time) he was sending signals that he was sad that the scene was over so soon. So I pulled him to a bed and hog tied him and spent some time caning him some more. Because I’m a giver.

And because he was really hot and really sweet and he made the best noises.


I stopped mostly because I felt two hours of waiting was about what I could ask of my darling Deity (who had never been to a dungeon before) and my ever patient husband. So. Snuggling commenced and then we all talked for a while.

Deity and Noah of course made sure I knew that the three of us came to a dungeon together. Then we came home and snuggled.

I’m finding it fascinating to manage a lot of my feelings about Deity. On a frequent basis he will adjust part of my body, I suppose to make himself more comfortable? Most of the time I feel a spark of rejection. I have to consciously choose to take his indication that he wants 1″ of space as literal instead of going for here have a foot.

I’m finding this interesting because I suspect this happens often with lots of people, but in this case I can see it so clearly and starkly as it is happening. I don’t think I usually notice why I have the aversion feeling and move away.

Establishing boundaries is important, necessary, and absolutely terrifying.

Kids are here.