The tipping point

We talk about wanting another baby frequently. We always have. That’s… just part of our sex life. But we said and said and said that Youngest Child would not like being a middle child.

I think we were right about the last few years.

But recently both kids have started begging for a sibling. I think it was YC changing their mind that convinced Noah.

It was also Eldest Child promising help up one side and down the other.

And it was Noah getting a work from home job so that we don’t have the extreme loneliness and isolation of the previous pregnancies.

And it was realizing… we just can’t pull off monogamy and actually we have a surprising network in place. We don’t have to feel trapped at home beholden to meeting all of one another’s needs.

I don’t have to keep having sex when it hurts just because it is have sex in order to stay married.

I feel like the road trip gave us time and space to really look at everything we were doing and wonder why are we carrying this piece?

I ran all the fuck out of patience with carrying things I don’t have to carry. I’m too tired. Fuck off.

Now, a playdate.