What a lovely scene

I spent four hours with a lovely man on Saturday night. Sweet Boy made it onto my calendar again. I really like suspension. He is… really interested in being suspended. No one else I’m dating has asked. Ok then.

He had trouble finding parking so he was quite tardy. I was mellow and spent my time watching Noah and Beautiful play. I am doing what I can to desensitize myself to Noah not being monogamous. It helps that Beautiful is a kind and generous friend and good golly I’m glad to see her out and about having fun. From a community resources sharing point of view, I’m really glad she’s having fun.

I didn’t even get fussy. Once my scene got started the only suspension point was practically right on top of Noah. That was weird then not a big deal. I think we should try to do that on purpose. I think we should probably also stop and kiss sometimes just cause we should. Cause everyone involved is ok with that and it would make Noah happier.

*note to self*

Ok, back to my evening. I was sitting around watching. Then he arrived. Oh good golly he looks young. He isn’t. He’s like two years younger than me. But he could get carded. For cigarettes.

This is not my type.

But there is something about him. He has this shining self. I have greatly enjoyed both dates. For this night, I picked looking at how beautiful he is and talking about that. Because we all know folks love that, right?

It was hard for him at times. But mostly he tried to hear me. I was being very sincere. I was focusing on what seemed to be the most important part of this particular interaction. You are beautiful and I’m grateful you are letting me do this to you. This is so much fun. I wasn’t real mean or fierce. But I was taunting and teasing. I hit him enough to let him know that I was there. And he is there. And holy crap is he beautiful.

I suspended him face up first then I flipped him and suspended him face down. I wanted to play with the tensions and the angles of different points on the various tie points. I wanted to remind myself of how the physics of bodies work. What a joyous experiment that was. Thank you for the gift of practicing on your beautiful body.

I took all of his clothes off this time. He was nekkid as a jaybird. I have incredibly complimentary things to say about his body.

I’m going to say very quietly and hope I don’t offend too many of my lovers… oh what a joy a foreskin is.


I was in my happy place.

There are just… so many things you can do with them and they make all kinds of manual, oral, and vaginal sex just feel so very very very nice.

I hear that “many women” aesthetically prefer cut cocks. Ok. I… I accept whatever it is. But I do love a foreskin.

Happy sigh.

So when I say manual, oral and vaginal sex… that’s because all of that happened. Oh it was glorious. At different stages and in different ways.

I know that a lot of guys are really self conscious about not getting hard the instant all sexual contact starts and staying hard forever. You know what? Soft cocks are fun to play with. Oh god especially with a foreskin. But I’ll take whatever I get. I’m just saying.

So while Sweet Boy was suspended face down he didn’t spend a lot of time particularly erect. It’s a distracting bunch of sensations all over your body. Blood flow is kinda constricted. Totally cool.

So I had myself a glorious time playing with and sucking on his cock while kneeling under him. Yeah. I’m the “top”.

In between hitting him and running my nails all over him and talking to him of course.

The suspension scene took almost two hours before he was done and starting to hurt. Boy has stamina. I’m impressed. I’m not sure I have such stamina anymore. I used to… back in my younger days… but I’m talking about Sweet Boy not me.

When I untied him I asked him if he would like to be done, if he would like more bondage, more hitting, more sex… he smiled so big his face glowed like the sun and said, “All of it. More please.”


So I found a convenient place to lay him on his back and tie him down. I didn’t do elaborate bondage. Instead I hit the front of him for a long time and alternated kissing him and touching his glorious cock. Punching, slapping, raking with nails. What gets a reaction. I’m here to make you squirm.

Oh he’s so adorable when he’s tickled. Oh oh oh yes.

I had a very good time giving him a handjob. Saliva plus a foreskin. It’s like awesome in a sauce.

Eventually I wanted to have him inside me. So I asked for permission to put a condom on him. Because active consent is important at multiple stages of a scene when you are playing with someone new and you should not make assumptions.

I rode him until I was… just kinda done topping. So I untied him and told him to fuck me. He did.

He got kinda toppy. It was hot and sexy and I came like a rocket. It was great.

Two thumbs up, would fuck again.

Part of what I like so much about him is the kissing and kissing and kissing and kissing. I told him I was feeling like I needed to kiss a lot and he told me that was ok. So I kissed him a lot. A lot a lot.

I’m not sorry.

Eventually we parted ways and I slept on my friend’s floor. I slept for two hours and wanted Noah so bad I hurt. I stared at the ceiling for two more hours then went down to Market street to make friends with the homeless folk. Like I do.