You get what you deserve when you eavesdrop

Well, a whole bunch of things I want? Stop. Just stop. Just stop.

If I’m going to keep Noah I need to stop wanting a whole bunch of things. Just full stop. This is going to hurt.

5 thoughts on “You get what you deserve when you eavesdrop

  1. Danaoshee

    I have said many intense and sometimes mean things when I’m not talking to the person I’m upset with, and even though they’re true when I say them they aren’t always the whole truth.
    And I’m capable of wanting and needing different conflicting things at once.
    And those are probably all true statements for Noah as well.
    Hang on and wait until you talk before deciding what you need to do, as impossible as it seems. Go to couples therapy. Breath. And try to stop feeling like you need to lock yourself down in a box because that feels like death and desperation and I say that after spending a lot of time there myself lately.

    1. Krissy Gibbs Post author

      We’ll go to the couples therapy. I’m afraid of it right now though. I don’t see a path forward in which we can balance our needs. One of us is just getting hurt.

      1. Danaoshee

        I’m way too familiar with that feeling right now. 🙁
        Sometimes I think it’s about trying make peace with situations in which there is no not-hurting solution, just balancing everyone carrying what they can when they can. Like the emotional equivalent of having to get the basic things done around the house when everyone’s got chronic injuries and pain is just going to happen. All you can do is try to keep it at less damaging levels of pain and share things around as best you can, and believe people when they say they’re willing to carry the load.

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