Oh no

Noah is very opposed to thinking of this as a jubilee. That makes it sound (to him) like “Congratulations on suffering through ten years of sex with Noah. Your reward is fucking other people.” For some reason Mardi Gras (for him, near as I am able to parse) is working out to mean: “I haveĀ followed rules for ten years and I need a break fromĀ rules.” That is feeling less scary? If this is more about my impulsivity and less about needing to be rewarded for something…. I don’t know exactly.

But I’m kinda guessing. Don’t trust me.

Medicating. That’s a lot of why I write so much. I keep myself company while I medicate.

Although I should go work on the calendar.

doo dee doo

Ok, all the people who have asked have been added. All the hangout hours I have until the cruise are posted. That’s not all my babysitting time, but the kids don’t want me inviting people over during babysitting time much this summer. They told me so. I’m going to negotiate for only three days a week of no people/going anywhere in the fall. We’ll see if I win or I have to compromise.

And I had breakfast and it’s time to have a day now.

6 thoughts on “Oh no

  1. Noah

    Part of the problem is that a Jubilee is a celebration of forgiving debt. Dunno, to me that doesn’t sound as good. It’s cool either way – call it what you want.

  2. Noah

    It also helps that Mardi Gras is the end of Lent. It *is* “you followed rules for a long time, take a break.”

    1. Noah

      Have you checked her calendar? You will have an easier time getting on the list if you either email her or check her calendar.

  3. RoseRed

    Um.. I think I’m talking about the calendar list. I’m not looking to be on the dating list, but the come over and hang out when you have an opening calendar list. …where do I check her calendar?

    Though I could imagine being okay with Double dating, should that work for a partner of mine. Since Krissy and I have 2 in common…, it does seem like a future possibility.

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