post-therapy cranky version

My shrink told me that Noah and I need to get a couples therapist. I get the impression she feels this because she’s on Noah’s side and she’s my shrink and that’s complicated. She wants someone to argue for him.

She’s glad he’s putting up boundaries.

She said a bunch of things I want to write down but my hands are on fire.

But in other news Deity is out of the doghouse. “Oh he’s displayed such clear morals and values. He can stay.”

Her opinions continue to baffle me.

She had a lot of god damn opinions this week.

3 thoughts on “post-therapy cranky version

  1. Blacksheep

    I think it may just be that it is because there are maybe things she knows from working with you individually that make it hard to be neutral…that’s not the right explanation…hmmm…our therapist said it was an exception for her to agree to see us individually as well as a couple. And that exception was made because she felt that our couples issues didn’t stem from anything where there were secrets or major conflicts that would be difficult to hear in individual sessions and keep out of handling us as a couple. Dunno if I’m making sense.

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