Hyperbole: one of the hallmarks of many of my psychological problems is black/white extremist thinking. I struggle for balance over months and years. I won’t get there in individual posts much.

My children continue to be my favorite people.

I think I wish my friends acted more like boy/girl friends, Noah. That’s the problem.

I’ve gotten errands and chores done today! *pat self on back*

I’m seriously struggling to not manifest that I feel like a worthless piece of shit. It’s being hard.

Noah thinks I am learning that I deserve better treatment and I’m noticing that some of his treatment of me over the years hasn’t been all that great. Maybe?

I don’t know what expecting better means.

It is incredibly hard to not check Twitter but I’ve pretty much told myself to stay off it till after the Florida trip. I need to break the habit and see if I actually get value from it.

I won’t be going to Dore Alley. Sad face. Babysitting canceled. But! I support them taking care of their health. That needs to be the priority.

Noah has already relaxed visibly from the strain of waiting to see what I’ll do next. Not much. I’ll hang around the house. I’ll do chores. I need to finish painting this damn kitchen. I’m trying to move on with remodeling fuss.

Hey time to wander off.