Sober sucks.

I’m gritting my teeth. I’m grumpy as fuck. Controlling my voice inflection, tone, and volume is a nightmare.

I want my pot back.

Stupid cruise.

Stupid baby.

I take it back. You aren’t stupid, baby. You are worth suffering for.


This morning has involved quite a few minor mistakes and every single time my response is to start ranting about how stupid, pathetic and worthless I am.

I’d like a break from being in my brain.

Five weeks till we get back from the cruise and I can figure out a usage level that can be appropriate for the next few years. This is going to hurt so much.

I’m not out of pot. I just think I shouldn’t use it all upĀ right now.

One thought on “Sober sucks.

  1. Shelly

    Wow, this sounds super sucky. I can’t imagine me without my meds. I’m sorry your med isn’t looked at as a med.

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