The best thing I can say about this week is that I’ve gotten more sleep than I have in any week in any recent year. That makes me wonder if the pot is seriously interfering with my sleep.

The other good thing I can say is my attempt at functional alcoholism using very high grade whiskey has not resulted in burning, heinous diarrhea but I’m well aware this is not a long term solution.

I can’t say much else is good.

I feel very depressed. That may be contributing to the sleep too.

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  1. RoseRed

    I feel that the only time I sleep well is when I’m depressed. …it’s a trade-off. If I somehow start getting ample sleep, I’ll start feeling low. I don’t know which leads or if it alternates. Too much sleep nightly and I start getting depressed or perhaps getting sleep was the first symptom of depression? I found in my twenties that my optimal sleep was 7.5 hours. And if not that then multiples of 1.5, so 6 hours was decent and maybe 9 on the weekends sometimes. 4.5? well, better than 4 or 5, but not good. I don’t know if this pattern still holds true, I don’t get enough sleep to test it. 😛 I do know that if I’m depressed I can make myself perk up a bit with sleep deprivation, counter intuitive as That sounds.

    I have felt low all day today. I’ve been monkeying with my hormones, my biggest fear is that either my libido will say goodbye again and/or the depression will return. God knows I’m getting more emotional! Fuck! Nonetheless, SuicideSquad was good fun today. 🙂 If you need a break, I suggest that movie. Maybe you and a friend can go see it? …Vicki and I are planning to see it on Weds afternoon on your side of the hill with my daughter, because my daughter loved it So Much and really really wants to see it again, and Vicki was like, “You saw it without me??”, so I’m fixing That tout suite! You’re welcome to join us. If you’re interested I’ll pass on the time and location details when I get them.

      1. Noah

        That may be worth another announcement on the blog. I mean, the extent to which you’re not at a place where violence is amusing.

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