Oh for fuck’s sake.

It just bleedin (hahaha) occurred to me… I shouldn’t smoke for a while. Like… quite a while. It could fuck up my healing from surgery.


But I really want to heal properly from surgery. I’d like to have a nose that works as well as it can given all the other factors of my biology and life and whatever. That means… I should seriously take a month off of smoking to heal. The information I’m seeing online stresses anywhere from 3-6 weeks off.

I want to be able to breathe well so so so so so much. So much that I was willing to let this dude carve my nose like a pumpkin.

Given what I went through with the forking elimination diet…. I should take this massively seriously. Like, whoa shit massively seriously.

Sob. Rend garments.


That said: doing the nasal rinse thing tonight was epically gross. Blood clots and mucus and whoa. So gross I sorta wish I had taken a video of it because I’m that awesome. The funny part is that afterwards my throat hurts much more and I’m spitting out big wads of blood. Having a body is awesome.

But! I have a septum that is basically straight (I hope) and smaller turbinates and less other-sorts-of-mass in my nose! And I didn’t have a problem with anesthesia!

Stop bitching, Krissy.

But but… I like pot.



(There is some mixed data on switching to edibles for the time period but given that our country has RIDICULOUSLY CLASSIFIED MARIJUANA SUCH THAT IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO STUDY there isn’t solid reason to think it is safe and a good idea. Which makes me sad.)

This here feels like a solid case of #firstworldproblems.

10 thoughts on “Oh for fuck’s sake.

  1. Your submissive

    Hope you recover quickly and easily from your nose insides carving. Please let me know if you need anything to help with that. Love you, miss you.

    1. Krissy Gibbs Post author

      I love you and I miss you too. Right now I have three fantastic folks taking care of me. I will ask Noah about inviting you to dinner soon. I would like to see you soon.

          1. thendara

            That’s nuts. So if I can’t order a pizza, it’s more likely I won’t make my own? Wouldn’t it be just the opposite?

          2. Krissy Gibbs Post author

            It was an incredibly thoughtless law. The folks who pushed it through refused to see any logic at all. I’m frustrated. Fremont wants very badly to be a small hick town.

  2. Noah

    Fremont wants very badly to be a small hick town.

    As a parent, I think I’m required to say: if Fremont tries, it can be whatever it wants to be!

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