He can’t help it.

I’m finding myself extremely distraught over the reality that I’m told I have to just accept everything that other people do because they can’t help it but I need to hurry up and change.

I am the problem. No matter what I give or how much I give it will never be enough. No matter what I accept or adapt to, I still need to be more accepting.

I still need to change because I can’t expect other people to.

I’m the abusive monster. This is apparently a reality that… just is. I’m the problem.

I don’t feel any kind of hope right now.

Shut the fuck up you stupid bitch. Open your legs. Shut your mouth. This is what you are good for.

One thought on “He can’t help it.

  1. Noah

    I try hard *not* to tell you that you just have to accept everything I do. I mean, there are things I can’t successfully change, or that take a long time to change. But I try hard to change where I can for you.

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