So much to say, so few spoons.

I’m feeling like a grumpy pants. The construction workers have been in my house talking smack for twelve weeks now. Yesterday they escalated to openly calling me a whore. I decided it was time to notify their boss. So now I’m anxious as fuck about dealing with them. Fun fun fun.

I have lots of other things going on and my hands hurt. I’ll hopefully talk to you again someday.

3 thoughts on “So much to say, so few spoons.

  1. Blacksheep

    Uh, WTactualF. Nope. Fuck that noise. I still don’t understand everything that’s happened with this project but the construction company seems like a total shitstorm.

    1. Noah

      This construction company hasn’t otherwise been bad at all. The previous one was terrible. So far other than random workers shit-talking us, we’ve really liked the current one.

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