Sleeping is for when Noah is home.

I really should sleep. Instead I’m…. uhh… reading Reddit. It’s a fascinating thread about poverty.

But this other one is one is a super neat thing about educating students who come from a variety of kinds of poverty. This is good stuff for anyone who provides direct instruction. How do you help your kids overcome deficits?

5 thoughts on “Sleeping is for when Noah is home.

  1. Pam

    oh my god

    I am going to tell you what my friend A told me when I told him I had come across that website.

    Back away. Back away slowly.

    In retrospect I strongly wish I had taken his advice. And whatever you do, _don’t_ create an account!

    Don’t say we didn’t warn you. 🙂

    1. Krissy Gibbs Post author

      I will never create a Reddit account and I’ve only read maybe three threads total from there and I don’t plan to look much more. 🙂

      I see interesting things that relate to my life all over these documents. I have poverty, middle class, and wealthy markers. I like to keep things interesting.

        1. Krissy Gibbs Post author

          These criticisms seem legit. I can only say that her experiences are fairly similar to mine and that inclines me to question it less closely. I am also not working with children other than my own as a job so I am not super worried about the exact validity of every theory I am interested in hearing about. Even if it isn’t right all the time it might be interesting to keep in mind as a sometimes tool.

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