What shit do I want to do?

In no particular order:

    • ✔️prep the hallway ceiling: ✔️clean, ✔️then fill cracks, ✔️then clean again
    • ✔️paint the hallway ceiling
    • ✔️prep the hallway mural: ✔️clean, ✔️sand,✔️clean
    • ✔️paint the hallway mural
    • ✔️add more magnetic paint to hallway
    • ✔️add top coat to magnetic paint in hallway
    • ✔️✔️✔️✔️laundry
    • ✔️✔️load dishwasher
    • put dirt in pots
    • ✔️spread out wildflower seeds before it rains on Saturday (and Friday is SO BOOKED)
    • prep the kitchen for more painting
    • paint more in the kitchen
    • NOPE (fix the door to the playroom with putty and sanding, then clean it well) – kid veto
    • NOPE (paint doors (to playroom, both to bathroom, kitchen door needs a little more blackboard paint)) – kid veto
    • ✔️put the god damn books away (the kids add to a pile that they don’t know how to shelve)
    • (done all that we can!)✔️label every book and shelf in the house with stickers so the kids can put their own god damn books away
    • ✔️get rid of pile of to-donate clothes and toys
    • get rid of faucets and skylight that aren’t useful
    • ✔️get rid of tile (scheduled for Friday!)
    • ✔️start thinking about scheduling with a cleaning service. I’m thinking I’d like my house cleaned for me on April 3rd & April 10th. I honestly don’t think a cleaning service will want to do my entire filth trap in one day. It’s been over a year of construction filth adding up. Every shelf needs to be scrubbed. Every item in the house needs to be dusted. It’s going to suck
    • organize all the paperwork in storage and label the containers so we can find stuff when it is required instead of hunting for hours in frustrated futility
    • ✔️trim/prune bushes and trees
    • ✔️message C about cookies
    • figure out how to get this harp out of my house
    • ✔️put reminders on my calendar so I don’t forget to do a thing for a friend



I can’t think of more right now. Maybe that’s a good thing.