Almost to the end, tired, scattered

I don’t know what to do with myself. I kinda want to babble on Twitter but then I feel like an asshole. Just about everything I do makes me feel like an asshole.

The bathroom is… basically finished. Ok, I want to add one more hanging plant and about 8 pots in a plant stand that is partially filled and a piece of furniture will arrive on Tuesday. Then I can do the last organizing and I’m golden. Everything that belongs in the bathroom (except the piece of furniture I ordered yesterday and about 6 plants and 8 pots) are in the bathroom. This is huge. It’s beenĀ years.

The furniture I bought to go next to the bathtub has no particle board, blacksheep. It is metal and wood and I think it will need to live on little furniture pads so the bottoms don’t get wet/rusty.

The funny part is the middle shelf will probably be empty except when it is holding my computer for bathtub viewing. Ha. At least I think that is funny. But I’m weird about shelves.

I need to do a few more hours of sorting and organizing in here. Right now everything is… kinda dumped. It’s a process.

I need to fix the door frames. Not this week. Next week. Then I’m going to paint my bedroom and touch up the ceiling. Oh, and a few hours in the kitchen.

That’s the end of the remodel. SO CLOSE SO CLOSE SO CLOSE SO CLOSE.

I have this faux stained glass window stuff to put on the playroom window so I stop flashing my boobs at our neighbor when I walk through. That’ll just take a few minutes.

I want to organize all our paperwork and label the drawers that they are in.

I want to go through my deep freeze and figure out what the fuck we even have in there.

I want to finish tagging the books and cover every dot with book tape.

I want to work on the yard more. I’m not ready for Easter yet. I have so much work in front of me. Today I need to go clean up garbage from the yard because I think the construction company will be doing a final garbage pick up on Monday.

Today helpful assistant guy fixed the drip in the bathtub, the wonky plugs in the garage, and he’s taping/putting putty on the drywall/texturing the walls.

Oh. My. Goodness. So close. So close.

Not finishing this week entirely though. The bathroom is done! That’s something, right? At this point we could do the city inspection because the mold problem isn’t actually covered by this permit.

So much to do. I want to do absolutely nothing. I want to be the opposite of productive. I want to accomplish nothing.

I can’t remember the last time I accomplished nothing in a day. It sounds absolutely deliriously wonderful.

I need a vacation.



2 thoughts on “Almost to the end, tired, scattered

  1. Noah

    Yeah. I’m having trouble getting myself moving too. Which is part of why the vacuuming happened but the mopping didn’t.

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