Could you do me a favor?

I’m trying to see something. Can you leave me a comment, please? I know y’all don’t like to talk back that much. You’re much more interested in silent stalking; I understand. But just this once, can I persuade you to leave a comment? Yes, you. I’m trying to do something. Please.

32 thoughts on “Could you do me a favor?

      1. Kerry

        Things are excellent. I teach art to 1st and 2nd graders in Watsonville. I’m super happy at work and my best friend watches my littlest who is almost three. Life is good! I love living by the beach. Eldest is having a tough year in a combo class. I’m advocating for her a lot and wondering if I’m making a horrible choice keeping her in a public school. Hopefully just a bad year. We’ll see.

        1. Krissy Gibbs Post author

          I spend a lot of time wondering if I’m making a horrible choice by continuing to keep my oldest out of school. I feel like she is at a turning point where she would start getting more out of school that is good than bad but she’s adamant against it. I feel like I poisoned her mind and I’m sorry. School’s not the end of the world! I’d be fine with you BEING AWAY FROM ME ONCE IN A WHILE but she’s not ready. Fork.

          I’m really glad you are enjoying your job. That sounds lovely. I miss teaching large groups of kids. It is so very satisfying and fun. Yay for you getting to have a lovely job. 😀 Almost three! Oh that’s so big. I’ve never even met your kids.

          Yay for the beach. I’m glad you get to enjoy life. I hope everything is still non-stressful with the inter-generational living. I have a strong thought that my future will involve living with my kids so I’m excited about every bit of it I hear from other people. Normalizing! It’s ok! I don’t want my kids to ever leave. Go to school and give me more hours of time off, sure. Move out? Oh that’s a bit much. 😉

      1. Noah

        A number of folks do, especially folks using big ISPs. We used to be a single static IP address years ago, but few people have one. It’s pretty much only for running servers.

  1. Valia

    Since I started working I play catch-up here once a week. Still happy to be able to see little slices of your life. 🙂

  2. Your Submissive

    Hi! It was nice seeing you last weekend! I hope this note helps whatever computery thing you’re trying to do.

  3. pam

    Oh, oops! I thought you just needed a couple of comments, not a roll call. Me! Present.
    I got half an email for y’all with recs. When I stop avoiding my email inbox I’ll send it over.

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