Just a few missing….

Ok, the front page of my “most frequent IP hits” is now an address book of folks I know.


Otherwise I know the top few folks. I don’t know who the hell is in Las Vegas. Someone is checking in (only they haven’t left a comment…) from Michigan.

God I love the internet.

Pensacola Florida makes me think my cousins are watching. I have cousins in Pensacola. Is that you?

You are the only Mexico log in I see so far. I get a surprising number of hits from South Africa but they all go straight to the same “my father raped me” journal entry so I don’t think they are regular readers.

There’s a frequent Mountain View check in (is that L? I love you dear woman, if that is you) and a Berkeley who haven’t commented yet.

But I’m figuring out who is reading my journal and it makes my paranoid little heart feel so much better.

Thank you to the folks who have commented. I’ve pretty much seen all the folks I think of as my “regulars”. It’s so nice of y’all to check in like this. I am grateful you will let me ID you.

Ok, back to sleep. I have to go back to DMV in a few hours.

7 thoughts on “Just a few missing….

  1. Loren

    hmm, I don’t think my IP is from Mountain View, I check at work (at the San Jose/Santa Clara boarder) and home in Sunnyvale.

  2. Your Submissive

    Oh, sometimes I check from my home laptop, like now, as opposed to my phone like before. Might look different, might not, both on the home wifi. Some other time I’ll check from my phone out in the world on the 4G and write again and you can see if that’s different.

  3. Alison

    I usually read from my RSS feed reader so I don’t know if that shows up I usually only click through if I want to comment.

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