This house is… going to have trouble meeting our needs as the years go by. I think we could make it work. Noah and I could go back to sharing a bedroom. The older kids could keep sharing. Younger child(ren?) could have the other room. I could partition the garage more for an office for me.

Phew. That sounds stressful.

Dining room table space is going to become a challenge in this house.

The eternal question is where to go.

One of my beloved’s is campaigning hard for me to stay because she will stay forever. But she has a huge house and a big yard and if she needs to take in boarders to feed herself in her old age she can. Like, she can have a wing of the house to herself and rent out the other three or four bedrooms.

I think her house is almost three times the size of my house.

I don’t know that I need that much more space. With the garage we are up to about 1500 sq ft. I could really go for having a house that was 2500 sq ft with an actual garage for storage.

I want more space in the living room/kitchen/dining room. And at least one more bedroom. I would like two toilets again. I don’t care about having more than one bath tub/shower.

God I’m going to miss this bath tub forever.

I don’t want to spend a fantastic amount of money so that means not here.

We are talking about aiming for 2022. I need to have the loans paid off by then so we can decide where to go and what to do next. It is so far away and yet it is going to come hurtling at me like a rocket.