7 weeks

172 lbs. Come on body. I’m happy to hear from the internet that losing weight early on is super common. I don’t see an ob/gyn for 8 more days. That meeting will not be with the person who is delivering me. She’s an lgbtq specialist and I’ve met her before and she’s going to talk me through the personalities of the available midwives.

I’m pretty convinced I need to lie about the pot. The hospital where I’m going to deliver says “We don’t screen everyone. Just if it is indicated.” So I need to not indicate it. Will it complicate my care to lie? Not more than screwing my life for honesty.

I meet the pain management doctor in 6 days. I will be telling him about the pot. Partially to explain why I truly do not want other pain management medication. Could I be in less pain with more drugs? Probably. Would I be as functional? No. I’m in pain. That’s life. I want physical therapy. I want to find out if some of my old injuries are things that should have had surgeries. My shoulder is still an ongoing problem.

A friend who is a medical practitioner with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome did a physical test with me yesterday and she wants me to be officially screened for it. It would explain most of my chronic pain and my digestion problems. She explained it as, “EDS isn’t a new diagnosis. It’s the umbrella that hangs over every other diagnosis you’ve gotten and tells you why those problems exist.”

The pain management even has a blood test for fibromyalgia. I’m not sure how I’ll feel about this whole process. He may say “I can’t find anything. You are making everything up.” That could happen. But I know I’ve been in pain since early childhood.

I’m completely exhausted and I feel too weary to focus my eyes. My hands hurt and I feel so locked in my head that I can’t stop typing in various places. Come on, Krissy.

I am having an excessive amount of fun researching the progress of cloth diapers over the past 6 years. Snaps are everywhere! This is exciting! (Velcro wears out with all the washing. Snaps are my best friends.)

Also: baby carriers. Whoa. There are a bunch of new brands.


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  1. Quiet One

    Oh in been there. Doctors get frustrated when they can’t figure out what’s going on. I think their egos get hurt or something and I’ve been accused of being on drugs or something being in my imagination.

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