IP stalking

Before I go back to bed, I’ve gotta say that seriously tracking IPs is a wonderful thing. I get to look at the hits on my blog and see that folks I haven’t talked to in a while are checking up on me. It’s pretty easy to recognize the identifying features of many of my friends. I know exactly one person in X city in Y state.

It reminds me that I need to reach out. Because as much as y’all like hearing about me… I like hearing about you. And you aren’t as pushy about putting yourself out there in the universe so I need to come knock on your door and say, “Oh wonderful person, please tell me about yourself.”

Like, Beautiful came over yesterday to tell me stories about her family. Her family is seriously #goalz for me. She’s going on her mom’s 50th birthday trip because she wants to. Because hanging out with her mom is fun for her.

I want that so much. I want to have children who like being around me.

My friends inspire me so much.

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