Just shut up, Krissy.

Yesterday I was talking to another mother. She was talking about the strife of parenting, we all have it. I’m not claiming we lack it in this house.

But she said, “My kid is trans so of course they have severe social anxiety.”




I just never said that my kids is trans and has a remarkably low level of social anxiety. I didn’t feel that would be a good thing to say at that moment. SEE. I HAVE MOTHERFUCKING TACT AND YOU PEOPLE DON’T GIVE ME CREDIT.

There is no one way to be anything. Being trans/gender non-conforming/nonbinary does NOT always come with anxiety. There are challenges, yes. We talk a lot about how to deal with the ignorant comments like “There is no such thing as nonbinary; you have to be a boy or a girl.”

But my kid walks out in the world loud and proud ready to verbally smack down ignorant people. They don’t feel a lot of anxiety. They feel ready.

Sometimes, rarely, I feel like I’m doing something right as a parent.