Nosy as shit.

Ok, who is in Michigan? Someone on Michigan is spending *hours* reading. I have no idea who it could be. Hmmmm.

I looooooooooove IP tracking. All but two or three of the IPs that have been to my site hundreds of times or spent many hours reading are named so that I know exactly which buddy it is. But I don’t know who is in Michigan.


Do you know why I’m labeling the IP stuff so fanatically? Because I’ve had so many people post around the internet that they’ve been following me for years because they hate me. I think that’s a weird hobby to have. If you hate someone…¬†stop reading them. Go find a hobby that brings you joy. If you think I suck¬†ignore me.

6 thoughts on “Nosy as shit.

      1. JohnG

        When forced to choose between Michigan and bad IT, go with the 2nd. That was a Holiday Inn Express in Lake Oswego, OR. I’m also the Beaverton, OR, and Redwood CIty, CA IPv6 addr.

        I used to have a tab for rightkindofme and, when you nuked the account, just set the tab to the blog. That’s why it looks like hours are spent. The volume and emotional load are too much to put it into my main social media flow, but if I forget for a few days, those will be the days you decide to write 100K words. So, a tab you get.

        1. Krissy Gibbs Post author

          Heh. That makes a lot of sense. Oh thank you for labeling all of those hits for me.

          I do have excessively wordy days. I’m glad you have found a way to manage my firehose of words that works for you.

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