We are starting to talk about what we are going to do during the next labor. Who will stay with the kids? If our beloved babysitter was still here it would be no question. Instead this is an incredibly tense question and I feel really anxious about the fact that Plans A & B are probably going to involve asking to impose on neighbors. Plans C & D are probably going to involve asking if there is a way to impose on friends who live farther away and that’s even more terrifying to ask for help with.

It is scary to ask for things when the “no” makes a serious hiccup in my life.

5 thoughts on “Logistics

  1. RT

    If it helps at all to know people are willing but (perhaps, probably, so unable to be reliable) prevented by other life logistics… L and I would totally do it if we were in town. And will if we are, if you need us to.

    If that’s an answer that increases frustration, feel free to ignore it.

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