That did not go so well.

I met “my” OB today. I don’t like him. He inquired if Noah is a new partner and that’s why I’m having another baby. I came home and sent him this email:

“Hello Sir,

I need to let you know that the way you inquired if my partner was a new partner was… incredibly poorly done. I felt pretty insulted. It felt like you were inquiring as to which baby daddy number I’m on and after eleven years of marriage… Yeah that was not well done.

Kristine Gibbs”

He also proceeded to tell me I shouldn’t be on so many vitamin supplements. When I explained that this is a direct result of testing done within the last two months and is specifically to fix current deficits… he told me he will go check with the genetic counselor and they will get back to me with their opinion of the supplements I’m on.

He was rude when he inquired about sleep stuff. “Have you ever tried taking anything to help you sleep? Have you ever tried exercising?”

I… I am not going to fucking like this dude.

Naw. I’ve. Never. Considered. Taking. Anything. To. Help. Me. Sleep. Why. Would. I.


And exercise? What’s that? Clearly I’m too fat lazy and stupid to consider exercising.


4 thoughts on “That did not go so well.

  1. Shelly

    YUP…. boi bye!

    I think if you contact the ob who referred you to him and explained stuff, she’d find you a new one.

  2. Quiet One

    Seriously, you don’t need this guy anywhere near your vagina and baby. There are plenty of better doctors out there, just get another one. Also perhaps add a note on your record that this man is not allowed to touch you.

    You don’t need them telling you he’s the only one available when the time comes.

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