That’s a lovely milestone.

Today my daughter was talking about something… I can’t quite remember how we got to this, but I handed her a textbook I read in my junior year of college so she could find out how different the original stories of Beauty and the Beast are from the Disney version. She said there were a couple of words she didn’t know, but that was fun to read.

Two years ago she couldn’t read a Dr. Seuss book independently. Now she’s reading from my college textbooks and understanding almost all of it.

I’m glad I trusted her to learn at her own pace. I’m really glad I didn’t push her beyond what she felt she could do.

I don’t fail at everything.

5 thoughts on “That’s a lovely milestone.

  1. Pam

    I could never warm up to the Disney version because I already had a favorite version of Beauty and the Beast— the book by Robin McKinley. And my favorite thing about that book is that she had kind sisters and a loving family, despite their unexpected poverty. I always wish there had been a little more to that story. It remains one of my favorite re-reads.

      1. Pam

        I mean, the 1978 McKinley version is hardly the original of the 18th century fairy tale. But it is by far my favorite version.

        I do love fairy tales though, I used to always hang out in the 398.2 section of the library. The Blue Fairy Book and the other colors Fairy Books by Andrew Lang are among my favorites as well.

        1. Pam

          oops i take it back you are referring to your textbook originals and not my comment.
          silly me, assuming that all your comments revolve around ME.

    1. Noah

      Ooh! I didn’t realize Robin McKinley had a version of Beauty and the Beast, though I loved several of her other books. I should look for that.

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