Family ties

I did not write my usual epic-length letter to Noah’s grandmother. Only three pages. She understands my worries as a teacher and a parent and she is emotionally invested in my progeny bringing her glory.

I know some people hate that shit. I’m glad there is someone in the world. The kids haven’t seen her in two years. I’m sorta feeling like even though I don’t care if I never see Noah’s parents again… I should send Noah and the kids to visit his grandmother again soon before she dies. She is so very old and she’s been a great inspiration to me. I appreciate how she has been emotionally supportive of home schooling after her initial reservations.

She appreciates how I’m raising her great grandkids. I’m really grateful someone in this world cares.

I like getting to tell her how much my kids love science and clearly they inherited that from her. I hope it feels as good to her to see that connection as it does to me.