I never wanted to be a geek.

I’ve had two frankly hilarious interactions lately that fall into “Oh my god I’m a geek” and I have mixed feelings about that. First is the fact that Noah was telling me about old programmers and new programmers discussing “real apps” vs “non-web apps” and the fact that I got kind of indignant about youngsters not respecting non-web apps as unreal just… I had this internal “But web apps waste so much bandwidth!” reaction that just… THIS WAS WORSE THAN EXPLAINING VPN AND CLOUD COMPUTING ON THE ROAD TRIP. I SHOULD NOT KNOW THESE THINGS. DAMN YOU SILICON VALLEY FOR INVADING MY BRAIN. I NEVER WANTED TO BE A SOURCE OF INFORMATION ON THIS SHIT.

The second was with my massage therapist. We were talking about movies and Harrison Ford came up. She said, “I never saw that one movie he was in… oh I don’t remember what it was called. It had a French robot and a vacuum cleaner.” I kind of twitched and said, “Do you mean C3PO and R2D2? Star Wars?”

“Yeah! That’s it.”

I started kind of hyperventilating because I was trying to not fall off the table laughing. She went on,

“It had that dwarf with the plate ears. He was like purple or blue or something.”

“Ohmygod Yoda. You are talking about Yoda.”

I…. I just…

Oh my god.

“And that cute girl with the cinnamon bun on her head.”

“Uhh… that was Carrie Fisher playing Princess Leia and the cinnamon buns were on each side of her head.”

“Oh. Whatever. It looked stupid.”

I almost died laughing. She yelled at me to stop because I was getting hard to massage.


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  1. Valia

    Anyone who has spent large amounts of time with me end up becoming very knowledgeable about pro wrestling – whether they want to or not. It just starts to sink in. My ex hated that he was a font of pro wrestling knowledge & would correct people when they got some data point wrong.

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