The caucasian whisperer

Many of my neighbors are immigrants and I’m kind of hyper friendly so I introduce myself as soon as they move to the neighborhood. This means that they come and knock on my door when they have questions. Today the question was about why these people keep knocking on her door to try and give her pamphlets about all the disasters and the end of the world.

I explained Christian missionaries and talked about different sects and how they are pushing the book of Revelations and… don’t worry about it. They are crazy and they want you to share their crazy because if you don’t then they think their God will get mad at them. It’s ok to say no thank you and shut the door in their faces. They have rudely inserted themselves in your day to demand you stop following your religion… you don’t owe them anything.

She was happy to hear that they weren’t from the government trying to help her be prepared for natural disasters.

In a side note: saw a different acupuncturist today. I think I like her. I have a new terrible physical symptom: sciatica. Just fucking shoot me.