Goodbye love

Noah and the kids are off on an adventure. This is the first time Noah has ever taken the kids on a trip by himself.

I have complete confidence that they will do well and they will have a good trip.

It’s nice being married to a person I trust to be competent and successful at the tasks he takes on.

I’m having interesting thoughts about the future of moving with Noah and seeing him outside this bubble. I suspect it will become more important that I never say a snotty or demeaning thing about him because outside of this bubble… he doesn’t need to be taken down a peg or two. In this valley his head is a bit swelled. He won’t be valued in the same way in other places.

That’s important for me to think about. Because he has actually¬†earned most of the adulation he gets in the valley and I’m a snot for being rude to him.


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