Still good.

I talked to my cousin a little. She’s upset. Ok. I’m… not. I’m just sighing a bit. Of course it went this way. Shrug. Yup.

We still had a great day in our house. We played together and read together and snuggled and talked and ate good food.

FMC had some big feelings and we talked them all through with kindness and grace and they ended the day feeling pretty good. We were patient with them and they were willing to put effort into managing themself. That was great. I’m glad that we as parents could hold it together today and not be pissy with them for being a kid.

One of our elderly neighbors came by to bring us candy. (We’ve had other similar deliveries from other neighbors over the last week.) She mentioned how much she loved the Christmas letter and said that she had to immediately get on the internet because she has never heard of the concept of being transgender before. She left our house with a book to help her understand more and she’s glad.

That was a really special moment. Our neighbors care about FMC and want to be able to help them feel included and loved. So much so that they will educate themselves and put effort into being appropriate. That’s just… magical.

We checked in with several neighbors. We watched The Trolls and the Christmas Express. Holy cow! We never watched the She-Ra and He-Man Christmas Special this year! Whoa. Advent just flew by.

I’m feeling calm and happy. This was one of the best Christmas days of my life. It was a shoot for the moon and land in the stars kind of day.

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