35 weeks

I’m measuring a week ahead, which is pretty incredible given that I’ve gained 11 lbs. I also look visually small… which is kind of funny.

Doctor said I have one fingertip of dilation and no effacement. I’m pretty likely to make it to 40 weeks.

We talked about my anxiety and depression and came to the conclusion that I’m doing what I can do for it. She’s super awesome about my pot usage. She’s very blunt about the fact that she doesn’t know what impacts it could have on my kid. There are no statistics. That makes me want to kiss her hand. Thank you for admitting that we are flying blind here. I adore you for that.

We talked about measures in the hospital and why this birth is justĀ not going to be able to go how the last one did.

I feel comfortable with her. I just wish I knew I would be able to actually see her in the hospital…

Baby is head down and fairly engaged in my pelvis. Now to wait five weeks. Sigh. I know it is best for the baby to cook full term. I’m really getting over being pregnant.

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