Classes (scripts & routines)

At this point we have a fairly full class schedule for the kids. Some of the information for this post will be in a hard copy in the house and I will not be sharing that data with the internet. (Like the addresses of where we go for classes and such.)

All of the classes that the kids are currently in are within 4 miles of our house and you can drive there on city streets. No freeway driving is required.

Mondays both children have Tae Kwon Do at 3:45. It’s a 45 minute class. I often drop the kids off and go home for half an hour of quiet but it will probably be easier for you to just hang out in the van with B while the kids are doing their thing.

Tuesdays both children have Tae Kwon Do at 5:15. It’s another 45 minute class. Same location as Mondays.

Wednesdays both children have a swimming class at 1pm. It’s only a 30 minute class so I usually hang out in the van or in the waiting room watching the class. EC has been getting herself out of the pool and coming out to greet parents for a while. MC is just restarting swimming so they have less of a routine but we will talk about this over the next few weeks and EC is there to help. Right now the kids might have a cooking class at a separate location at 4:30 but as of last week there was no one but my kids signed up for the class and it is probably going to be cancelled. Bummer.

Thursdays only MC has a gymnastics class at 4pm. It’s an hour long class. I drop them off and go home because I don’t like waiting there. But you are free to do whatever works for you.

Fridays the kids have chess club! It’s at 4:30 and it runs for an hour. This one is right next to a nice park and B might enjoy hanging out for the time. This might be the class that is physically furthest from the house but still not so far it is a big deal in my mind.

Saturdays there is another Tae Kwon Do class at 11:15. This one is an hour long instead of 45 minutes.

The kids have other appointments but they are medical/therapy and all of their service providers are well prepped on the pregnancy situation and they understand that the kids will be missing appointments. So I don’t think any of those will be dropped in your lap.

think this is all the driving that might be asked of you. We fully understand that if you don’t feel good or if you are dizzy or if you just don’t feel like it… the kids can go ahead and miss any of these classes and there isn’t really a penalty. I’m just letting you know what the kids are used to doing so that if you are feeling up for it, this is their routine. Do your best and it will all be fine. If the kids are still alive and well at the end of my labor we’ll figure everything else out.

Realistically if the kids did no school work and ditched all of their classes for a week… it wouldn’t matter in the long run. Make ups are easy to do. I fucking love home schooling.