Find gratitude

I have been given so much stuff for this kid. I think I have already been given more stuff for this child than I was given for the first two kids and I had a big baby shower that time.

Most of this has come from R, of course, because she had everything from her child and I got it all. L gave me cloth diapers; a style I haven’t used before and I am completely nerdily excited about getting to try them. Sarah is giving me the fanciest diaper bag I’ve ever owned. Some clothes have come from a few other assorted people. T gave me some postpartum supplies I will definitely use. When it all gets sorted and put away… it’s stunning to me how much I have been given this time.

As I bitch and moan and whine about how I don’t get as much support as I want and I *melodramatic hand to forehead* want to be alone…

Oh, and R gave me the maternity pants I wear. The only ones I have.

Yeah… I’m an ungrateful bitch.

I’ve been given a lot. My community is trying to support me and I’m acting like an asshole about it. I’m being completely self absorbed and petty and stupid.

I’m sorry y’all. That’s not cool.

I do understand how kind my friends are being. They are putting up with my whining and not thwacking me even a little.

Fuck I hope I’m not usually this whiny.

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