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daily planning

Today I should:

  • work on my neighbors fence
  • water the plants
  • go to nursery for more mulch
  • go to Fry’s for printer ink
  • print form, fill it out
  • take Shanna to/from summer camp (omfg I can’t believe she is this old)
  • make her lunch to bring (this is unusual! lunch for one kid?!)
  • read at least one chapter of Little House in the Big Woods with Shanna
  • Shanna has swim class at 4:35
  • Calli has swim class at 6:20
  • make lunch/dinner (thank goodness Noah makes breakfast)
  • load of laundry
  • take out garbage/recycling/compost after filling compost unit for city
  • I should run–I really should 2 miles in 25 minutes.
  • pick a new book to start reading  Don’s book!
  • return library books

I think that is it. I’m tired already.

Ongoing project list

My Sarah is moving in with us!  This is wonderful!  But I have to do a bunch of house renovation stuff before that is possible.  In no particular order:

sponge clouds on the ceiling in the garage
put up blackboard paint
draw the mural with pencil
paint the mural
paint  remaining walls
order carpet for the garage
install the vent for the dryer
paint Sarah’s room
paint Shanna’s room
move furniture to garage
seal garage door
install door frame on door to side yard
put up curtain over garage door for additional insulation
paint kitchen/dining room door
install screen door on back door

and that doesn’t include the stuff I want to do in the yards.  I have till August 1st.  Oy!