At this point I have written two books. The first, No Secrets, No Shame, No Silence a memoir about my severely abusive childhood can only be purchased through this website:

Reviews for No Secrets can be found on Good Reads.

If you would like to be an early reader for my second book: Outrunning Suicide you can sign up here.

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One thought on “Books

  1. Carolyn

    Hi Krissy:
    I ventured to your website after see your post online on the Hackerspace.
    Thank you for emailing your view on there. It is helpful to have some kind of discourse as I was feeling awfully lonely on there.

    After reading your website, I feel like we are very similar. I also talk about just about everything too. I am planning to read your book.

    I look forward to meeting and working with you. Are you homeschooling through a Charter school or independently? Are you with any homeschool groups? Have I met you yet?I am very bad with names and faces and forget very easily. It is almost embarrassing and don;t mean to be rude.

    I am a homeschool mom of many and I went to Mills College in Oakland. I have been married twice and had a pretty rough childhood and adulthood. The past creeps in more than I like sometimes. What keeps me afloat are my husband, children, my church, and my projects.



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